Photography and Goal Setting

Written by: Sean Curfman

Over the years I’ve had numerous brain injuries, from a cancerous brain tumor to major seizures. Some of the injuries caused serious issues and others not so noticeable. In 2015, I had two major seizures that caused me to be in hospitals, outpatient facilities, and all the therapies you can imagine.

Finally, they said my rehab was done, but what about my slow processing, my aphasia and the other issues? I didn’t feel done and I didn’t feel right.

Apps were part of the answer. They helped me get organized and track my time. I use Inspiration Maps, ReachMyGoals (part of the BEST Suite), and others I found here on the BEST site and elsewhere on the internet. If I don’t have my goals in the ReachMyGoals app, they don’t get done. The app gives me the ability to set an end date and so much more.

Let me give you one example of how I use ReachMyGoals. I love to do photography by myself or with friends. So I create a goal, and then:

  • I will title my goal as “photography with friends.”
  • Now what? I need a date and time.
  • Where are we going and what time?
  • Who do I want to come?
  • Notify them, call, text, email or yell across the room.
  • If I’m done, I can put a check on each step and be finished.
  • So am I really done? What about my camera? This could a separate goal or be included in the original.

That was a fairly easy example, but you can do so much more with the app and it is easy to use.

Pier with waves

I love photography and the challenge of capturing a brief moment and stopping time. I especially love taking pictures at the beach. Before I had my last brain injury, I liked photography and was somewhat creative in my pictures, but now after my injury, photography is something completely different and beyond awesome for me. My senses have been heightened—I can smell color, I can feel life, see the wind and notice the little things. For example, when taking this photo, I focused on the excitement of following a hummingbird as it flits from flower to flower and capturing a beautiful moment in time.

Having a brain injury is tough. It flips your life over and scrambles it. But it’s not the end. It’s a chance to be who you were meant to be. Grab that chance and don’t let it get away. I took pictures before; now I take my time and cherish it.

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