BEST is a 501(c)3 nonprofit helping those with brain injury—and other medical conditions impacting cognition—who have never received or have exhausted their rehabilitation and continue to struggle with day-to-day cognitive challenges. 

BEST is here to help after brain injury


Are you struggling because…

  • you acquired a brain injury from a car accident, sports injury, concussion, Long COVID, fall, brain tumor, aneurysm, domestic violence, etc.
  • you went to the hospital and were released because your injury was “just” a concussion
  • you’ve finished cognitive rehab through your medical insurance and are still struggling
  • you are struggling to learn new information
  • you have isolated yourself because no one seems to understand
Character holding head saying help

Maybe you feel this way…

"I forget what
I need to do."
"I struggle to get
things accomplished."
"I don't know what strategies to use."
"I don’t have
the energy to
get things done."
Overwhelmed person with head in hands
"I’m exhausted."
"I can't remember
what I've already
"I feel so
"I have a hard time breaking my goals down into simple tasks."

Learn what BEST offers to help with your struggles

BEST provides free or low-cost options to help you:

  • gain awareness
  • rebuild practical skills
  • regain independence
  • improve quality of life

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BEST Steps to Relearning

1. Build


BEST provides free webinars on a variety of cognitive and technology-related topics to help survivors develop awareness, acquire a better understanding of their brain injury, and learn strategies to deal with their daily struggles.

Learn more about webinars

2. Learn & Practice Skills


BEST’s online workshops provide a deeper dive into the topics introduced in the webinars in order to connect new information to what they already know and to implement and practice new skills.

Learn more about workshops

Online Courses

BEST offers self-paced online courses allowing users to learn more about cognitive and technology topics in a format where they can control the pace of the information presented to fit their schedules and energy.

Learn more about online courses

3. Master & Maintain Skills

BEST Suite App

The BEST Suite is a cognitive prosthetic that helps survivors develop awareness, manage their energy, store personal strategies, and get things done. It was designed specifically for individuals with cognitive challenges and has many features to address their unique struggles.

Increase productivity. Build independence.
Get your life back.


We understand you’re overwhelmed because we’ve been there. The BEST Suite of apps helps you establish a structure to rebuild your life.

Many people living with cognitive challenges struggle to rebuild their lives. The BEST Suite app provides practical tools to help them increase productivity, build independence, and get their lives back.

Brain Education Strategies & Technology (BEST) is a non-profit comprised of brain injury survivors who volunteer their professional skills and experiences which, in turn, drives our product development. BEST provides an opportunity for survivors to practice and apply their skills in a non-stressful, supportive working environment. Our combined efforts allow us to provide you with practical and proven solutions to common everyday struggles.

For the price of three lattes you can invest in yourself and your future. Let the BEST Suite help you take back control and rebuild your life.

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