Brain Injury...

An invisible injury that can last a lifetime.

BEST is here for you.

We help guide you on your journey to build skills, develop strategies,
gain independence, and get your life back.

Have you experienced...

  • brain injury
  • sports injury
  • concussion
  • brain tumor
  • car accident
  • fall
  • stroke or aneurysm
  • domestic violence
  • MS
  • ME/CFS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Long COVID

Are you struggling with...

  • brain fog and lack of focus
  • memory
  • executive function
  • getting started with tasks
  • others not understanding
  • learning new things
  • doing things that used to be easy
  • fatigue to the point of not functioning


  • you “just” had a concussion
  • you didn’t receive cognitive rehabilitation
  • you received rehab, but you still struggle
  • you have a condition that impacts cognition

BEST is here to help!

BEST offers programs based on the Making Cognitive Connections Approach that help you build awareness, learn and practice strategies, and master and maintain skills.

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Build awareness about cognitive challenges.


Learn, practice, and apply strategies.


Self-paced courses to fit your schedule and energy.


A community forum to connect with others like you.

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Brain injury can affect every aspect of daily life and can last a lifetime.

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