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Strategies from the past

Have you heard that carrying a notebook is like having a prosthetic for the brain when people have cognitive challenges? Like an amputee needing an artificial limb, the person with a brain injury or other disorder uses the notebook as a prosthetic device. This notebook strategy has been used for over forty years.

So many people feel that needing a notebook all the time advertises that something is different about them. But if their memory is impaired, how can they find the spot where they wrote important information? And, worse yet, what if they lose the notebook?

Smartphones, the brain prosthetic of the 21st century

Nowadays people always have their phones with them, right? And no one will think anything of someone who whips it out to use it as a prosthetic. So apps seem like the perfect replacement for notebooks. But … there are so many apps out there!

Read more about BEST, including:

  • Which apps work best?
  • How will I know how to use the apps?
  • What if I want to assist someone else in using the apps?
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Track and manage your energy. Quickly identify tasks and plan your day in a way that lets you accomplish important tasks without leaving you exhausted.

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Set, manage, and achieve personally meaningful goals. Monitor your progress and identify goal-related successes and challenges.

Find out how your iOS or Android device can help you stay organized, remember important items, and make home, work, and school life go smoothly.

Take advantage of our online app training, along with additional trainings related to smart device basics, special app features, and much more.

See how specific apps from many categories are described and rated by both individuals with cognitive challenges and the professionals who work with them.

And more…

Be sure to explore our dozens of articles about apps, helpful strategies, personal stories, and workshops for professionals. We're here to help.

Patty loves our apps


"The PaceMyDay app has improved the quality of my daily life. It even generates reports which I share with my doctor so he can adjust my treatment plan based on information that I would find difficult to communicate myself."
Patty, ABI survivor

MP loves our training


"The BEST online app training has helped me learn to use apps on my own. I like the videos, screenshots, and exercises that allow me to practice using the app while I’m learning about it. And I can do it no matter where I am."
MP, stroke survivor

Greg loves our strategies

Greg F

"Utilizing assistive technology and electronic note taking was instrumental to my success in obtaining a Master’s degree at USC. Some of the strategies I used were saving research documents in Evernote, as well as tagging them according to their relevance to my studies. I found the power of cloud-based services afforded me the ability to recall information whenever I needed."
Greg, TBI survivor

Kristi loves our app reviews


"After my brain injury I was aware that my cognitive abilities were impaired. I began searching for ideas and tools that would help me. The BEST app review site saved me time and provided information to help me evaluate app features and help me choose which apps would fit my needs."
Kristi, ABI survivor