Create a strategy journal


What is a Strategy Journal?

If you deal with memory or other cognitive challenges on a regular basis, you’ve probably developed some strategies for compensating for those challenges. Strategies can be as simple as putting a check mark next to tasks you complete on your to-do list or creating a strategy journal to help you track the strategies you use. Why would you want to use a strategy journal? Well, maybe you can’t always remember which strategy you used last time or how well it worked. A strategy journal solves that problem by keeping all your strategies in one place where you can refer back to them whenever needed.

Your strategy journal should include as much information as you need in order for it to be useful. Here are some ideas of things to include:

  • a category to help organize your strategies
  • what the strategy is
  • how/when the strategy was used
  • the overall effectiveness of the strategy

Sample Journal

Here’s an example of what we are talking about:

  1. Category: Organization
    • Strategy: Use color for different school-related topics
      • Use: Color code notes for school based on class
      • Effectiveness: This strategy works well for me
    • Strategy: Use emoji images when scheduling appointments
      • Use: Add a doctor emoji for all doctor appointments
      • Effectiveness: This strategy works well for me, but I have to make sure I use the correct emoji
  2. Category: Time management
    • Strategy: Use PaceMyDay app
      • Use: Help me identify my energy level for each task I do
      • Effectiveness: This strategy works well for me
    • Strategy: Be sure to take breaks
      • Use: Breaks allow me to re-energize
      • Effectiveness: I have to take breaks or I overdo it and wipe myself out

Your strategy journal could be on paper, in a file on your smart device, or in an app. Here at BEST, we believe so strongly in the idea of identifying, tracking and monitoring the strategies you use that we have designed an app to help — StrategizeMyLife. It’s now part of the BEST Suite of apps, which contains PaceMyDay, ReachMyGoals, StrategizeMyLife, and CompleteMyToDos. Check out the BEST Suite!