Our Mission & Team

BEST provides webinars, workshops, and courses to help brain injury survivors relearn skills and develop practical strategies to navigate the daily challenges they encounter.

BEST also provides a community for survivors to share stories, tips, and strategies from their recovery journey.

Our Mission

BEST helps those with brain injury—and other medical conditions impacting cognition—who have never received or have exhausted their medical rehabilitation and continue to struggle with day-to-day cognitive challenges.

Our Vision

To be the premier cognitive rehabilitation resource for those living with brain injury around the world.

Our Core Values

  • Be authentic
  • Generalize to new areas
  • Listen actively
  • Embrace diverse perspectives
  • Learn with purpose

Meet Our Team

Kristi Kragthorpe


Brain injury survivor

David Brian Rhodes

Project Manager

Anna K. Anderson

Technical Writer/Editor

Meet Our Board

Lisa Winger

Board Treasurer

Davette Rucker

Board Member

Allison Patrick

Board Member, Brain Injury Survivor

Tom Tatlock, M.D.

Board Member, Brain Injury Survivor