BEST offers 1-hour webinars introducing a variety of cognitive and technology-related topics.

Our webinars help build awareness about the cognitive issues brain injury survivors deal with and help survivors acquire a better understanding of common issues they struggle with on a daily basis.

Upcoming Webinars

Learning Styles & Why They Matter After Brain Injury
(Saturday, December 10, 2022)

Learning styles relate to the way you perceive, process, organize, understand, and retain information. There are a variety of models related to learning styles. We’ll explore a few approaches and then focus our effort on the Gregorc Learning Styles method.

We’ll discuss:

  • various learning styles and why they matter to brain injury
  • why learning styles change after brain injury
  • the four learning styles addressed in the Gregorc method

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Enjoy an Excerpt From Our Last Webinar

Build Your Self-Efficacy After Brain Injury
(Recorded November 12, 2022)

Self-efficacy is your belief in your ability to succeed in a given situation. As you can probably appreciate, self-efficacy takes a hit after a brain injury, concussion, Long Covid, etc.

The webinar addresses the following:

  • the concept of self-efficacy and how it relates to brain injury
  • signs of strong and weak self-efficacy
  • and how to build your self-efficacy after injury

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BEST 2022 Webinars


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Other Topics

Build Your Self-Efficacy After Brain Injury — Nov. 12

Learning Styles & Why They Matter After Brain Injury — Dec. 10