HobbleJog Project

Brain Education Strategies Technology (BEST), in partnership with, the HobbleJog Foundation (HobbleJog) is establishing a pilot iOS app training to help 10 young adults with brain injuries return to school or the workforce. HobbleJog is inviting potential recipients to apply for this beneficial program.

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Hand holding iphone with BEST Suite home screen

The BEST Suite can help you reclaim your independence

With consistent use, the BEST Suite will help you:

  • Improve your initiation, time management, and self-esteem
  • Establish a sense of life balance and greater independence
  • Increase your confidence by building on little successes
  • Recognize strategies that will work for you
  • Boost your overall productivity
  • Gain control of your daily life

Thanks to a grant from the HobbleJog Foundation, BEST will provide each selected participant with the following:

  1. The BEST Suite App to address common challenges in executive function:
    1. PaceMyDay to help plan each day and learn to manage energy and fatigue
    2. ReachMyGoals to set, monitor, and accomplish SMART goals
    3. StrategizeMyLife to document and track strategy use and efficacy; and
    4. CompleteMyToDos to monitor and complete tasks
    5. CueMyList to create checklists and establish a cueing system
  2. Online cognitive and app training
  3. Three 30-minute online cognitive and app coaching sessions