Can you relate?

“I feel like I am spinning my wheels.”
“My old strategies don’t
work the same way.”
StrategizeMyLife icon
“I’m not even sure I use strategies!”
“I can’t remember
what strategies
work now.”
“I don’t know what
strategy to use.”

Find the BEST app
for you.

StrategizeMyLife helps you…

  • Find strategies quickly
  • Include personalized notes on how to use the strategy
  • Create your own groups of strategies
  • Assign strategies to more than one group
  • Create your own list of favorite strategies
  • Rate how well the strategy works for you

Develop insight and self-regulation

Plan your strategy use based on:

  • quick and easy access to strategies
  • strategies that work
  • relevant strategy groups

Monitor your strategy use by:

  • including notes about where to use a strategy
  • including notes about how to use a strategy
  • regularly updating the effectiveness of a strategy

Evaluate the strategy by:

  • adding personalized notes about its use
  • rating each strategy based on its effectiveness
  • modifying the assigned strategy groups based on how you use them

StrategizeMyLife will help you…

Identify, track, and rate strategies.

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Q&A videos on checklists, initiation and cueing.

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