Can you relate?

“I need to be prompted
to move from one
item to another.”
“I struggle to accomplish
tasks on my list within
a specific timeframe.”
CueMyList icon
“I need pictures to help me remember what my list items look like.”
“My disorganized lists make me feel overwhelmed.”
“I have a hard time predicting
how long it will take to do
the items on my list.”

Find the BEST app
for you.

CueMyList helps you…

  • Set a time limit in which to complete all items within a checklist
  • Organize items in a checklist by using colorful headings
  • Move from one item to the next in a checklist by setting a time limit for each item
  • Record personal messages to prompt you to move from one item to the next
  • Reorder checklist items quickly
  • Play music as a cue to move to the next item in your list

Develop insight and self-regulation

Plan your checklists by:

  • organizing and sequencing items on your checklist
  • assigning a specific time limit to complete items on your checklist
  • reordering items to fit your priorities

Monitor your progress by:

  • reviewing items marked as complete
  • paying attention to the amount of time spent on each item
  • tracking the amount of time spent on each checklist

Evaluate your progress by:

  • evaluating checklist items
  • managing checklists and their associated items
  • reviewing completed checklists

CueMyList will help you…

Create & organize checklists and be prompted for success.

Visit our CueMyList media library to view exclusive webinars and Q&A videos on checklists, initiation and cueing.

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