Can you relate?

“I don’t have enough
energy to do things
that I enjoy.”
“I feel like I can never
get caught up because
I’m always tired.”
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“I just don’t have
as much energy
as I used to.”
“I power through
without breaks, and
then I’m exhausted!”
“I don’t stop when I’m
tired because I’m afraid
I’ll forget where I left off.”

Find the BEST app
for you.

PaceMyDay helps you…

  • Plan your day for success
  • Conserve the energy you have
  • Complete tasks based on how you feel
  • Figure out the tasks that take more energy
  • Learn when to take breaks
  • Recognize how your sleep impacts your day

Develop insight and self-regulation

Plan your day based on:

  • insights gained from using PaceMyDay
  • the energy you’ve assigned to each task
  • the energy you have

Monitor your activities and energy by:

  • focusing and tracking your energy level before and after each task
  • recognizing tasks that wipe you out
  • becoming aware of your sleep and energy patterns

Evaluate your productivity and energy levels over time by:

  • gaining insights about what’s realistic to accomplish in one day
  • recognizing how much time you spend each day on specific tasks
  • learning how long you can do each task and still have energy

PaceMyDay will help you…

Feel more energized. Build on successes. Optimize wellness.

Visit our PaceMyDay media library to view exclusive webinars and Q&A videos on neurofatigue.

Other tools within the BEST Suite…

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