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Can you relate?

“I don’t have enough energy to do things that I enjoy.”
“I feel like I can never get caught up because I’m always tired.”
“I just don’t have as much energy as I used to.”
“I power through without breaks, and then I’m exhausted!”
“I don’t stop when I’m tired because I’m afraid I’ll forget where I left off.”

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can help!

PaceMyDay lets you:

  • Plan your day based on how you feel so you set yourself up for success.
  • Identify the optimal amount of time for you to do certain tasks and still have reserve energy.
  • Adjust the tasks you do throughout the day based on the energy you have.
  • Determine the tasks that are most taxing on you so you can plan your day accordingly.
  • Identify appropriate breaks to help re-energize you.
  • Track your perceived sleep and how it may impact your energy for the day.

Feel more energized. Build on successes. Optimize wellness.


PaceMyDay helps you maximize the energy you have by having you plan your day, monitor how you feel, and adjust the tasks you do based on your energy levels — optimizing success and wellness.

MyDay screen
Plan your tasks for the day.
Energy rating scale
Monitor your fatigue before (and after) doing each task.

Plan your day

Assess your energy when you get up each morning. Then plan the number of tasks you feel you can accomplish successfully—based on how you feel that day. Over time, consistently smarter use of your energy leads to greater productivity and less fatigue.

Monitor your activities and fatigue

Track your energy level before and after each task, noting which tasks you complete successfully and which ones wipe you out. Record strategies and notes for each task to help keep you focused. Answer sleep questionnaires to help track your sleep and energy.

Evaluate your productivity and energy levels over time

Using the information available in the Report tab, learn to plan realistically the activities you can do each day—and for how long. As you improve at monitoring your tasks and breaks, you’ll begin to feel less exhausted and more in control.

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