Organize Your Life Using Android Devices (2nd ed.)

Organize Your Life Using Android Devices, 2nd edition, book cover

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Book Topics

The Android book includes almost 200 pages of information, step-by-step directions, and images focusing on the following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Making Cognitive Connections
  • Chapter 2: Android Device Basics
  • Chapter 3: More Android Basics
  • Chapter 4: The Clock App
  • Chapter 5: Google Calendar Overview
  • Chapter 6: The Google Calendar App
  • Chapter 7: Google Calendar — Reminders & Goals
  • Chapter 8: Google Calendar Settings
  • Chapter 9: The Contacts App
  • Chapter 10: Gmail
  • Chapter 11: Camera & Photos Apps
  • Chapter 12: Google Maps & Google Chrome
  • Chapter 13: The Google Play Store
  • Chapter 14: Synchronization
  • Chapter 15: Phone

Why Focus on These Topics?

This book addresses several built-in Google apps. Special emphasis is placed on those apps that reflect the areas with which individuals with cognitive challenges have the most difficulty on a day-to-day basis. Examples of these difficulties include:

  • Missing appointments
  • Double-booking appointments
  • Taking notes and not being able to find them when needed
  • Not remembering homework assignments
  • Not allowing enough time to get where they need to be
  • Not having relevant contact information with them (phone numbers may be stored in a cell phone; however, addresses and relevant names may not be readily available)
  • Forgetting a list of shopping items when going to the market

In fact, individuals with cognitive challenges were consulted regarding both the topics and the depth and breadth of information presented in the book. The overwhelming response was that the book covered just enough information without causing users to be overwhelmed by the amount of information or number of skills being learned.

Book Features

  • Print sized for easy reading
  • Limited text on each page providing extra white space to prevent information overload
  • Clearly designated quick steps showing step-by-step details for each function
  • Images to help orient the reader to the relevant Android screens
  • Making Cognitive Connections exercises in each chapter