Making Cognitive Connections practitioner benefits

  • Are you charged with training others in how to use smart technology, but don’t have an established curriculum?
  • Are you trying to help returning veterans learn to use smart technologies to help with memory and/or organization problems?
  • Do you only see your clients on a limited basis and feel like you don’t have time to work with them to get them up to speed on using smart technology?
  • Do your clients/patients need a training review between scheduled appointments?
medical professional

Imagine having a training curriculum that not only walks your clients through the process of learning the functions of their smart devices, but also addresses the cognitive issues associated with learning the device! The online environment makes this training perfect for in-the-office training or on-their-own training at home. With the Making Cognitive Connections books and online training, you don’t have to come up with your own materials and struggle so hard to keep up with the best apps for your clients.


Imagine being more independent, structured, and involved.

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Provide practical resources for your clients in therapy and at home.

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Help your loved one gain more control of their own journey.

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