CompleteMyToDos Month

Struggling with productivity?

Join us for CompleteMyToDos month! Learn tips and strategies throughout the month to help you be more productive.

Join us for…

Webinar Series

Track & monitor your progress with CompleteMyToDos

Topics & dates:

Using CompleteMyToDos to get things done
Part 1: 02/9/21 @ 1:00 PM PDT

Track upcoming tasks & create projects in CompleteMyToDos
Part 2: 02/16/21@ 1:00 PM PDT

Ask us anything about the BEST Suite tools (be ready to ask your burning questions)
Part 3: 02/23/21 @ 1:00 PM PDT

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How CompleteMyToDos can help you accomplish more
  • How focusing on today will help you feel less overwhelmed and accomplish more
  • How strategically looking at your tasks will make a difference in what you achieve
  • How grouping tasks into projects can improve your organization & productivity

Featured Q&A on task management

We will feature exclusive Q&As with Brandi Lancaster, MS, CCC-SLP. Brandi is a AAC Specialist/TBI Liaison for the Cascade Regional Program in the Oregon Linn-Benton-Lincoln Education District.

Return here each Thursday for new Q&A sessions with Brandi. The Q&A sessions will correspond with the webinar series available on the following Tuesday @ 1:00 PDT. 

You can view all our featured CompleteMyToDos Month videos on our bestbrainorg YouTube channel.


Social media and blog posts

Lastly, we will post weekly tips, best practices, and everyday applications on CompleteMyToDos in our Blog and on social media. Be sure to follow us @bestbrainorg on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube

Visit our CompleteMyToDos page for more information.