Why StrategizeMyLife?

First, let’s recap the “What is a strategy?” post. A strategy is a work-around or a shortcut to help you be more efficient and achieve success when dealing with ongoing challenges. Strategies are used by everyone and are important in getting through challenges.

After my traumatic brain injury, there were several things getting in the way of me using strategies successfully. Executive function issues, organizational skills, and memory made it difficult for me to keep track of what strategies were working and which ones were not. StrategizeMyLife helped me overcome these issues so I could successfully develop and keep track of my strategies.

StrategizeMyLife has enabled me to have an organized, rated, and detailed strategy library at my fingertips. By using different tags, including emoji’s, I can quickly find strategies related to my search. Instead of notes jotted down across many different mediums, I have one place to go now. Rating the strategies is important so I can see patterns of what works and what does not. I do not recommend deleting strategies, otherwise, you may try to use them again in the future. As far as the detailed part, that is completely up to the user. Whatever notes you need you can put there for when you need them. Using StrategizeMyLife has helped me gain insights into how to best approach challenges after my injury. I hope it may help you too.