What is a strategy?

I kept hearing I needed to use strategies to help me compensate, but I didn’t even know what a strategy was. ~Kristi

You may not think you use strategies, but whether you are 20 or 90, you use them everyday. For instance, if you work on puzzles you probably use strategies. Simple puzzle strategies could include:

  • grouping puzzle pieces based on color
  • separating all of the edge pieces.

We define strategies as things we can do to compensate for a variety of challenges including cognitive, social and physical. So we could say that a strategy is a work-around or a short cut to help you be more efficient and achieve success when dealing with ongoing challenges. In other words, good strategies can help you overcome very real day-to-day challenges.


ChallengesExample of challengesPossible strategy
CognitiveI can’t remember what I was supposed to get at the store.Make a list.
SocialI get overwhelmed in noisy environments.Use ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones/ear buds.
PhysicalI can’t reach the light switch in my kitchen.Use a wooden spoon to help increase your reach.