What I Now Know About Brain Injury

This week BEST will be posting video answers from a variety of individuals with brain injuries about what they ‘now’ know about brain injury. This question represents the evaluation and analysis part of self-regulation, something that is often an issue after an injury. The normal process of stopping to consciously reflect on the days or weeks past can be disrupted. We hope hearing all the valuable insights from years of experience will help you better understand brain injury.

What I Now Know About Brain Injury:

  • Every Brain Injury has different challenges to overcome.
  • I would have to re-learn skills and adapt others.
  • Too much information at once can lead to flooding.
  • Growth is always possible.
  • No two recoveries are the same, do not compare your progress to someone else’s.
  • While it is a chronic disease, there are still a lot of things i can do to help myself.

These are just a few of the insights, please check out our social media pages this week to see all the videos for this question. Maybe stop and reflect on how your knowledge of brain injury has changed. Hopefully, this may help you with your own insights on what you now know about brain injury.