Online courses

BEST makes available app training based on its BEST Practices in App Training approach. All trainings listed below are available at Check back regularly for additional training options.


Optimize the energy you have for success!

PaceMyDay is available through BEST to help individuals learn to plan their day based on how they feel, monitor their energy throughout the day, and evaluate their progress and overall energy in order to set themselves up for success.


Set goals. Monitor progress. Build on successes.

ReachMyGoals is available through BEST to help individuals set SMART goals, break down their goals into manageable tasks with due dates, and identify self-goal-related challenges and successes.


Notability allows the user to take notes and link recorded audio for easy organization and retrieval of specific information. It can be used in the classroom and in everyday life.

Inspiration Maps

Inspiration Maps allows users to create graphic organizers/mind maps for organizing ideas, papers, projects, etc. It also allows users to switch from graphic to outline mode.