Three Reasons to Create a Strategy Journal

Why create a strategy journal?

A journal can help you document what strategies you have used, plan to use, or would like to use. In addition, you can use your journal to understand what happened when you used a particular strategy. Our personalities come through in the way we speak and write, so writing about how you feel or felt about a strategy in a particular situation will help you learn which strategies are effective and which ones may need some adjustments. 

Reason 1: Write down strategies to help you remember them

Do you ever need a strategy for something, but can’t come up with one or can’t remember the one you used the last time. A strategy journal may help you keep track of what you have used and when you used it. It can serve as a powerful learning tool by helping you identify which strategies worked and which ones didn’t.

Reason 2: Use a journal as a go-to place to find strategies

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a strategy and know you’ve written it down, but can’t find it when you need it? Having a strategy journal will help you keep all your strategies in one place. 

Reason 3: Having a strategy journal may help you apply strategies to more than one situation

Keeping track of your strategies and journaling how effective, or ineffective, they are in different situations may help you see that one strategy may work for multiple situations. It may also help you come up with alternative strategies or adjustments to current strategies based on the situation.

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