Online courses

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Have you ever downloaded an app and not known how to use it? Our online courses will help you learn the BEST Suite as well as other apps we recommend. Once enrolled, you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to courses that will help you learn how to use your device as a compensation tool for your cognitive challenges — what we call a cognitive prosthetic.

All courses are available in the BEST online training environment. Please check back, we will upload new and updated courses regularly.

BEST Practices in App Training

iPad with teachable site visibleBrain Education Strategies and Technology, Inc. has developed its own BEST Practices in App Training based on foundations in instructional design, cognitive rehabilitation, and self-regulated learning. Our approach includes:

  • Short video trainings
  • Screenshots along with step-by-step instructions
  • Screenshots with highlight boxes to help you orient/connect what you see in the training to your device
  • “Give It A Try” exercises to provide practice in applying newly learned skills
  • Quizzes to help test app knowledge
  • Troubleshooting scenarios integrating app-related problems with practical solutions
  • “Putting It All Together” projects to practice the integration of all features learned
  • Stop and re-start any course without losing your place
  • Integration of the Making Cognitive Connections approach to illustrate relevant cognitive rehabilitation applications

Free BEST Suite Trainings

PaceMyDay icon

PaceMyDay (free)

Optimize the energy you have for success!

PaceMyDay helps individuals learn to plan their day based on how they feel, monitor their energy throughout the day, and evaluate their progress and energy in order to set themselves up for success.

ReachMyGoals icon

ReachMyGoals (free)

Set goals. Monitor progress. Build on successes.

ReachMyGoals is available through BEST to help individuals set SMART goals, break down their goals into manageable tasks with due dates, and identify self-goal-related challenges and successes.

StrategizeMyLife icon

StrategizeMyLife (free)

Document and track strategies that work for you

StrategizeMyLife helps you accomplish your objectives by identifying and rating strategies that have worked before in the same or similar situations.

CompleteMyToDos icon

CompleteMyToDos (free)

Track, group, and monitor task progress.

CompleteMyToDos helps you accomplish daily tasks and projects by helping you to focus on what’s important to work on or complete “today.”

CML Icon

CueMyList (free)

Create & organize checklist and be prompted for success.

CueMyList helps you track progress on checklists and cues you to move from one item to another.

Other App Trainings

Notability ($30)

Notability allows the user to take notes and link recorded audio for easy organization and retrieval of specific information. It can be used in the classroom and in everyday life.


Inspiration Maps ($30)

Inspiration Maps allows users to create graphic organizers/mind maps for organizing ideas, papers, projects, etc. It also allows users to switch from graphic to outline mode.

Week Calendar HD – iPad enhanced ($30)

Week Calendar includes a variety of important features beyond those available in the native iOS Calendar app. Additional features including notification of overlapping appointments, color coding, etc.