Making Cognitive Connections survivors benefits

Now I can…

  • Remember information by using my device as a cognitive prosthetic
  • Track and make all my appointments
  • Know where my notes are when I need them
  • Know where I parked your car
  • Monitor my time studying or working on things so I pace my day for success
individual looking at BEST Suite app on iPad

Imagine being reminded when you have appointments coming up, having notes with you when you need them, having a reference as to where you parked your car, and being able to quickly find find fun facts about your friends and family—all in a small handheld device you can carry with you wherever you go!

Your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or other smart device plus our training materials can help you get your life under control, improve your independence, and feel more organized and less overwhelmed.


Imagine being more independent, structured, and involved.

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Provide practical resources for your clients in therapy and at home.

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Help your loved one gain more control of their own journey.

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