Making Cognitive Connections caregiver benefits

  • Do you have a loved one who could benefit from using a smart device to help him or her with memory and organization related to work issues, home tasks, or school assignments?
  • Do you have a child who currently has a smart device, but only uses it for its music and phone or texting capabilities?
  • Would you like to help your loved one learn to schedule appointments and tasks (such as doctor appointments or homework assignments) on a smartphone so he or she is reminded about upcoming obligations
Parents and young adult child

What if your loved one could become more independent by scheduling tasks and appointments and receiving reminders without your intervention? Imagine having your children enter their homework assignments into their smart devices and then having the devices remind them to complete their homework, potentially eliminating the “nag” factor! With the Making Cognitive Connections approach, your time could be freed up for more important interactions as you watch your loved one:

  • Become more autonomous
  • Improve his or her follow-through on appointments and tasks
  • Work through training materials independently
  • Grow in self-esteem


Imagine being more independent, structured, and involved.

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Provide practical resources for your clients in therapy and at home.

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Help your loved one gain more control of their own journey.

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