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There are two options associated with Siri on the Settings > Notification screen:

  1. Announce Messages with Siri
  2. Siri Suggestions

Can you relate?

Announce Messages with Siri

The Announce Messages with Siri screen has three sections:

  1. Announce Message with Siri screen
    Announce Messages with Siri toggle — When toggled ON, Siri will read messages aloud without having to unlock your iPhone, if AirPods (2nd generation) or some Beats headphones are connected. This feature is helpful because it doesn’t require you to pull your phone out and unlock it before accessing messages.
  1. Messages From screen
    Announce Messages From — When toggled ON you can chose to have messages from one of the following options —  Favorites, Recents, Contacts or Everyone announced. Note, if this option is turned ON notification settings for all apps will be turned ON.


  1. Reply without Confirmation — When ON, this option has Siri send replies without reading the message you are sending back to you. Although you might get annoyed hearing the message read back to you, it is a way to verify the message accurately reflects what you wanted to say. This is a helpful feature for those with cognitive challenges.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Announce Messages with Siri options, it’s time to decide if you want Siri to announce messages if you have AirPods or Beat headphones. You can always change your choice at any time using the same steps presented above.

Our next post in this series focuses on Settings > Notification Style.

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