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Notification style is an important option available on the Settings > Notifications screen. It displays a list of installed apps and their specific notification settings.

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Notifications settings

You can adjust the notification settings for each app installed on your device.

  1. Tap Settings > Notifications.
  2. Tap desired app under Notification Style

Notification Style options

  • Allow Notifications — This option toggles notifications ON or OFF. When in the OFF position, all app notifications are off and notification options are hidden.
    Notifications are an important memory compensation technique, so we recommend leaving them ON. You can always turn off notifications temporarily using the Do Not Disturb feature or control individual app notifications.
Allow Notification Off

Allow Notifications toggled off

Allow Notification On

Allow Notifications toggled on

Alerts section with options

  • Alerts — The Alerts option allows you to decide where and how notifications appear on your device. You can choose any combination of the following options regarding where notifications appear:
    • Lock Screen — Notifications appear on the lock screen. As mentioned previously, this can be a privacy issue based on other notification choices.
    • Notification Center — Notifications appear on the Notification Center screen.
    • Banners — Notifications slide down from the top of the screen, stay on the screen for 5 seconds, and then disappear from the screen.
  • Banner Style — Banner Style is relates to how long the banner notification stays on the screen. If Banner is one of the checked options, notifications can be set to:
    • Temporary — A small banner drops from the top of the screen and goes away automatically after 5 seconds.
    • Persistent — A pop-up box appears on the screen and requires some action before proceeding (recommended for those apps where notifications are critical).Consider this option carefully. The default Temporary style is often frustrating because it is easy to miss and doesn’t give many an opportunity to process the information before it disappears from the screen.
  • Sound-badge-options
    — This options toggles whether sounds play as part of the notification. This option is one reason why you may not hear a sound when a notification goes off.
  • Badges — The number of notifications for the selected app appear as a badge. You’ll notice not every app has a badge option available.
  • Show Previews — These Show Previews options relate to the selected app. You’ll notice the choices are the same as those referenced on the main Notifications screen (see Show Previews post).
  • Notification Grouping — This option determines whether notifications are automatically grouped, grouped by app, or not grouped.
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