I Am Not My Brain Injury

As part of our #MyBrainInjuryDoesntDefineMe campaign, we’re sharing stories from our community of brain injury survivors and family members from around the world. Check out this recent blog written by Anne Rickets, founder of GBIA, and one of our partners for Brain Injury Awareness Month. Learn how her entire world changed from her brain injury.

Below are just a few key takeaways from Anne’s story:

  • How do you keep promises when the connections to them are severed?
  • You can’t explain what you can see, and you can’t understand it either, but you finally know once more that it is there.
  • Who you are, who you have always been, is still there buried beneath the surface, beneath a vast layer of cognitive and executive dysfunction.
  • I am still me; I am buried beneath the surface.
  • One day we will all know that my brain injury doesn’t define me.