Cognitive book club

Cognitive Book Club with stack of books and eye glasses

Project Summary

BEST is offering an online Cognitive Book Club (BEST-CBC) via Zoom. It is designed to help individuals living with brain injury learn to read & explore books from a cognitive perspective. Our purpose is to model the types of habits and cognitive skills addressed in Coastline College’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program.

Project Details

“See Change Clearly”
Spring 2020 book selection

See Change Clearly Book Cover

We will start the BEST Cognitive Book Club with an amazing book called See Change Clearly written by Jacob Green, a graduate of Coastline’s ABI Program. Jacob shares lessons learned from his brain injury and his time in the ABI Program and how he generalizes those lessons to help others in life and business.

Coastline’s Acquired Brain Injury Program propelled my rehabilitation journey by restoring hope and purpose in my life.  Their team of experts helped me achieve daily successes, build confidence and redefine my future.  Over twenty years later, I can still point to Coastline’s ABI Program as the single most transformative experience of my life.  ~ Jacob

So, what is a cognitive book club?

The BEST-CBC helps brain injury survivors struggling with reading comprehension, initiation, goal setting, insight, and other challenges learn a new approach to reading. You’ll learn and apply cognitive skills as we explore the selected book. Cognitive activities include:

  • Pre-reading the book
  • Pre-reading each chapter
  • Taking notes
  • Managing & pacing time
  • and more

We’ll also explore and integrate self-regulation skills via the BEST Suite app and its executive function tools. We’ll provide goal and task templates, reading and notetaking strategies, and a way to pace your reading so you don’t overdo it.

ABI students comment on the ABI Program and their participation in a class-based cognitive book club.

BEST-Cognitive Book Club participation

The BEST-CBC is:

  • an 8-week program (limited to 30 participants)
  • meets on Saturdays from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST
  • January 16th-March 6th, 2021

Your next steps:

  1. Complete registration form.
  2. Purchase See Change Clearly (paperback $16.99, Kindle $6.99).
  3. Purchase BEST Suite app (iPhone/iPad only – $9.99).
  4. Join us on January 16 @ 11:00 AM PST.

*Jacob will join us at least once during the book club to share his thoughts and answer questions from book club participants.