Coastline’s ABI Program

If you or someone you know is living with a brain injury, Coastline’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program is a great option.  It is an affordable community college-based cognitive retraining program designed to help those with brain injury as they embark on their post-acute rehabilitation journey.

ABI Students

The ABI Program helps students recognize and learn and use compensatory techniques for issue that may persist or be realized after leaving a hospital or formal rehabilitation environment. Participants can begin the ABI program as early as 6 months post-injury or as late as 25+ year post-injury.

Students’ injury types include both traumatic (such as a motor vehicle accident or fall) and non-traumatic (such as a non-age-related stroke, heart attack, brain tumor, hypoxia, or infection). Participants come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • first-time college students
  • mid-career professionals
  • those in retirement

ABI Program Details

The ABI Program places an emphasis on the cognitive and psychosocial components of brain injury along with the integration of smart technology providing students with a well-rounded educational experience that generalizes to their day-to-day lives. It operates year-round with four eight-week sessions and one four-week summer session. Classes are held at Coastline’s  Newport Beach campus from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.


The program helps students:

  • build and strengthen their cognitive function
  • increase student awareness
  • develop insights about implications of their injury
  • establish a sense of community with others that understand what they are going through

New students are accepted throughout the year at the start of each session. Once accepted, students are placed into a team that fits their needs and is tailored to assist them in moving forward.

ABI Program Curriculum

The ABI program includes a one-year curriculum, however, the duration of the program is based on the needs of the individual student. The curriculum is designed to include practical topics relevant for daily success of its students. The program is divided into 5 sessions a year:



ABI Program Curriculum Wheel
Session Topics for Coastline′s ABI Program
SessionCognitive classesPsychosocial classes
FALL 1 1st 8 weeksProblem solving Memory (internal)Emotional intelligence
FALL 2 2nd 8 weeksOrganization NotetakingBrain anatomy
SPRING 1 1st 8 weeksDecision making Reading to learnCognitive behavioral strategies
SPRING 2 2nd 8 weeksTime management Memory (external)Communication
SUMMERSpecial topicsSpecial topics

Contact Coastline’s ABI Program:

Newport Beach Campus
1515 Monrovia Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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