BEST Suite 2020: StrategizeMyLife
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We hope you have been enjoying the BEST Suite of apps and the many strategies and tips you’ve received throughout StrategizeMyLife month. To wrap up the month we just wanted to point out some of the new features we added earlier this year.

As part of our BEST Suite 2020 series, and as part of StrategizeMyLife Month, this blog pertains to updates to StrategizeMyLife. If you’re not already using the app, now is a perfect time. Joining us after a break? Welcome back! Whether you’re new, current, or returning we want to assure you that the BEST Suite is still the same great suite of apps, we’ve just added enhancements for better user experience.

StrategizeMyLife new features and updates.

  • Added the ability to include images and PDF files to strategies.
  • Added Library Download found on the home screen.
    We’ve added templates to get you started. We currently have templates for “Memory” and “Social” available now for free. We will be adding more templates so make sure to check back regularly.
  • Tokens can now be accumulated in each app (in beta mode)
    This is still in beta but once completed this will allow you to accumulate tokens in each app which can be applied to in-app purchases or downloads.

Need more ideas for strategies? Visit our Holiday and COVID strategies page which includes strategies from others just like you. We’ll have this page up through the holidays and continue to update it so be sure to check back and update your own list of strategies.

For more information and training on StrategizeMyLife visit BEST Suite 2020: StrategizeMyLifeVisit here for a full list of our online courses.

Lastly, if you registered for our StrategizeMyLife webinar series this month you’ll have access to that through the end of this week.


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