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As part of our BEST Suite 2020 series and PaceMyDay Month, this blog pertains to updates to PaceMyDay. We hope you have been enjoying the BEST Suite of apps. If you’re not already using the app, now is a perfect time. Joining us after a break? Welcome back! Whether you’re new, current, or returning we want to assure you that the BEST Suite is still the same great suite of apps, we’ve just added enhancements for better user experience. This blog explains new features and updates to PaceMyDay.

PaceMyDay New Features and Updates

  • Added “Midpoint task reminder” for active tasks.
    • The midpoint reminder is to remind you to evaluate your current energy and focus on the active task.
  • Users can now edit responses after a task has been completed.
    • This allows for more accurate reporting.
    • For example, if you forget to end a task you can now edit so the app data reflects your actual time spent on that particular task.
  • Users are now notified when a task is on pause at 15 minutes and again at 30 minutes.
    • Previously no notifications would alert that a task was paused.
    • This reminds you to either restart or stop the task allowing for more accurate reporting.
  • Added Library Download found on the home screen.
    • We’ve added templates to get you started. We currently have a template for “Reading”available now in PaceMyDay for free. We will be adding more templates so make sure to check back regularly.
  • Use can now add CompleteMyToDos tasks as a PaceMyDay Task Source.
    • You can now add tasks entered in CompletelyMyToDos into PaceMyDay in the MyDay window.
  • Users can now set optimal duration for tasks for up to 90 minutes.
    • We’ve increased the number of minutes from 60 to 90 minutes.
    • PaceMyDay will remind you every 5 minutes after the designated period of time has ended to take a break.
    • Added new Kids mode – Settings in kid mode will set optimal duration from 60 to 30 and minutes with 1-minute reminders after the designated period of time has ended.
  • Added My Reminders to the home screen for accessibility.
    • You can also now view “My Reminders” specific to PaceMyDay or see all your reminders.
  • We moved the Wake Up and Bedtime Questions to the home screen, which were previously in PaceMyDay, for accessibility.
    • PaceMyDay encourages users to plan their day each morning based on how they feel that day
  • We moved My Medications to the home screen, also previously in PaceMyDay, for accessibility.
  • Tokens can now be accumulated in each app (in beta mode)
    • This is still in beta but once completed this will allow you to accumulate tokens in each app which can be applied to in-app purchases or downloads.

We hope you enjoy these new features. For more information and training on PaceMyDay visit BEST Suite 2020: PaceMyDay

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