BEST Suite 2020: Home Screen
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We’ve been busy making the BEST Suite the best app for you. If you’re not already using the BEST Suite, now is a perfect time. If you already have the app, we want to assure you that it’s still the same great app, we’ve just added enhancements for a better user experience. This blog explains changes and updates to the home screen.

Home screen

Below we include a brief overview of the BEST Suite home screen and its apps and features.

BEST Suite Home page


  • PaceMyDay
    PaceMyDay app icon
    Manage your fatigue and energy levels
  • ReachMyGoals
    ReachMyGoals app icon
    Manage your goals and goal-related tasks
  • StrategizeMyLife
    StrategizeMyLife app icon
    Manage your strategies and life workarounds
  • CompleteMyToDos
    CompleteMyTodos app icon
    Manage your To Do List items

Daily Tasks

  • Wake up Questions
    Wake up Questionnaire icon
    Questions to help you assess your quality of sleep
  • Daily Reports
    Daily Reports icon
    Access reports to show tasks completed for a specific date
  • Daily Notes
    Daily Notes icon
    Enter notes related to a specific day
  • Bedtime Questions
    CompleteMyTodos app icon
    Questions to help you assess your day

Checklists & Reminders

  • My Checklists
    My Checklists icon
    App to manage initiation and cuing of items on a checklist
  • My Reminders
    My Reminders icon
    Manage reminders from all apps within the BEST Suite
  • My Medications
    My Medications icon
    App to record medication list, dosages, and frequency
  • Settings
    Settings icon
    Access general BEST Suite app settings, such as simplification options, adult vs. child mode, and motivation level

Achievements, Templates & Training

  • My Achievements
    My Trophies icon
    Display medallions and trophies achieved though app use
  • My Tokens
    My Tokens icon
    Display tokens earned through app use and/or through purchase
  • Library Downloads
    Library Documents icon
    Access to templates for PaceMyDay categories, ReachMyGoals goals, StrategizeMyLife strategies and MyChecklist items
  • BEST Training
    BEST Training icon
    Access BEST training courses related to apps and cognitive rehabilitation topics

We hope you enjoy these new features. Again, we understand that getting acquainted with app updates can sometimes be stressful so we’ve updated and added online courses to help you. Below is a list with links to trainings for these updates:

VISIT HERE for a full list of these and other online courses we have available.

In these times of unrest and uncertainty, we hope you can turn to BEST to help manage your day and reduce some of the stress and anxiety we all are feeling. We hope you find the enhancements not only useful but also motivating to use the BEST Suite every day.

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